Just Darts Dart League

Our History


Since September 2006, the Just Darts Dart League has had a mission to foster a level of game play that is professional, transparent, and organized, allowing all skill types to develop into competitive dart players.


For the last 12 years, the we haves successfully developed and fostered multiple levels of competition through inclusion of a vast range of player abilities.


 The league offers its players an atmosphere that will allow each player room for improvement, all while maintaining a level of professionalism, transparency, and organization that would be expected at any state-level or national competition.


 The league can also boast that it is the highest paying electronic scoring dart league on the Southside of Chicago.  EVERY TEAM GETS PAID! Having built relationships with our sponsoring bars, we are able to create a playoff environment that is strictly funded by the sponsor.  This unique setup offers additional payouts to every team involved.


We utilize social media, our website, and technology to further enhance the experience.  From being able to see weekly standings online to real time electronic bracketing at tournaments, we pride ourselves on being on par with other long standing modern leagues.


General Game Information


Matches are held on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm.


Our game format consists of:


 3 games on 301 singles

 1 game of 501 doubles

 3 games of cricket singles

 2 games of cricket doubles


 All matches are best 2 out of 3



Season Sponsored EXCLUSIVELY by:

Long standing bar sponsors